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Fifth Grade

Our classrooms offer a comprehensive K-5 curriculum based on the Colorado Academic Standards. We focus our lesson development on best practices to promote high levels of academic growth, achievement and engagement. Each grade level has three project based learning (PBL) units they complete throughout the school year. When students are working on a project, they occur during a specific time of day dedicated for project based learning. We utilize this approach to deepen the conceptual learning of the Colorado Academic Standards and to enhance the 21st century skills students learn throughout the school day.

1st Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: 
How can I go for my dreams at Eco Week and inspire others to do the same? #Go4It!
SummaryThis project incorporates our Eco-Experience with narrative writing.  Students write and produce a movie that captures a significant moment or experience that they had while at Eco Week.  The project culminates in an Eco Film Festival. 

2nd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: 
How can I think like a scientist/engineer to explore a question or solve a problem and communicate my results to the public audience?
Students will first learn about the scientific and engineering process. Next, students will engage with either the scientific or engineering process with a fifth grade science topic and document their experience, research, products, and reflections on a website. Students will present their project to a public audience at Olander.  

3rd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question - How can I research a topic meaningful to me and present it in a unique and engaging way? (Students develop their own driving questions which challenge their research and guide their conclusions.)
Summary: The iPBL (Independent Project-Based Learning) allows students the flexibility to explore a topic of their choice through research and present to the community. Students investigate their topics through real-world community connections and present their learning through an expo.

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