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Fourth Grade

Our classrooms offer a comprehensive K-5 curriculum based on the Colorado Academic Standards. We focus our lesson development on best practices to promote high levels of academic growth, achievement and engagement. Each grade level has three project based learning (PBL) units they complete throughout the school year. When students are working on a project, they occur during a specific time of day dedicated for project based learning. We utilize this approach to deepen the conceptual learning of the Colorado Academic Standards and to enhance the 21st century skills students learn throughout the school day.

1st Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: How can we, as famous Coloradoans, develop a Living History Experience that depicts Colorado’s change over time?
Summary: The Living History Experience project is designed to help students learn about significant people, events, and era’s in Colorado’s history. Students research, then write biographies of famous Coloradans and create presentation materials to portray their subjects. A timeline of events showing cause and effect relationships and the interactions between people and cultures of Colorado helps students develop a deeper understanding of how Colorado has changed over time.

2nd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question:
What myths exist about our Solar System, and how can we prove them right or wrong?
Students will learn about the solar system through interactive, hands-on lessons, and by gathering data from online resources, simulations, videos, and guest speakers. Using technology, students will create presentations demonstrating content-specific knowledge and answering the driving question: How can we, as planetary tour guides, create a visual journey that compares other planets to Earth? The unit culminates with an Astronomy Night during which students present their final product and share what they have learned, while observing the night sky with local astronomers.

3rd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: How can we educate our community about the importance of pollinators?
Summary: Through research, hands-on activities, and presenters students learn about the many aspects of pollinators (habitats, environmental  challenges, etc.).   Students gain an understanding of plants needed for creating a habitat for various pollinators.  Appropriate plants are put in the school garden.  Persuasive essays are written to advertise importance of supporting pollinators.  Fourth grade holds a plant sale  in the spring using seed packets and plants they have raised.

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