Olander Elementary

3401 Auntie Stone St. Fort Collins CO 80526
970•488•8410 970•488•8411 Attendance Line

Important Dates & Back To School Information

Archive Date: 
Friday, September 28th, 2018

School Hours:  9:00-3:38

Attendance Line: 488-8411

Office Line: 488-8410

Fax: 488-8412

Website: https://ola.psdschools.org/

Transportation Link (Bus Information):  https://www.psdschools.org/programs-services/transportation/rider-eligibility-bus-routes

School Supplies: https://ola.psdschools.org/news/2018/07/23/school-supply-lists

Parent Handbook: https://ola.psdschools.org/parents

Important Dates:

Ice Cream Social  August 20. 3:30-5:00

First Day of School: August 21. 9:00-3:38

Back-to-School Night: September 5.  6:00 – 7:30

The Ice Cream Social is a great opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, drop off school supplies and ease into the first day of school.

Please join us for our annual “Back-to-School” night on Thursday, September 5. During this event you will have a chance to meet your child’s teacher, learn our routines and expectations of the classroom, and ask questions.

First Day Quick Guide

Student Drop-Off:

Olander is a busy place to drop off each morning due to the volume of traffic in front of the school.

By adhering to the following guidelines we can reduce the chances of an accident or injury. Please adhere to the following when dropping your student off each day:

Please do not stop for an extended period of time in the drop off lane. If you need to bring something into the school then please find a parking space in the parking lot.

Please do not park in the drop off lane.

Please only drop off your child in line with the main crosswalk. You will see a staff member working the crosswalk every day.

If you are using the drop-off lane, please do not accompany your child to the school grounds.

 Please observe the 25 MPH speed limit on Auntie Stone.

Please practice patience when picking up and dropping off students. We know it gets crowded and want to make sure safety is on all of our minds at all times.

Please honor these requests so that we can have the safest and most courteous experience possible for students and parents.


Student Pick-Up:

At the end of each day all students will be brought to the front of the school building where they will be supervised by staff. When a parent arrives to campus they have two options to pick up their child:

1. A parent can remain in their car and make their way towards the front of the drop off/pick-up lane as room becomes available. Once the parent is in the pick-up lane the child can go to the parent’s car.

Please safely vacate the pick-up lane as soon as your child is in the car; doing so will allow other parents to move up the line and pick their child up as soon as possible.

2. If a parent prefers to physically greet their child at the end of each day, they may park their car in an available spot in the school’s parking lot or along Auntie Stone.  After parking they can come to the front of the building and retrieve their child.

After picking up the student the parent can then bring their students(s) over to the playground if they wish to play with peers. Please note, only children with parent supervision are allowed to go over to the playground.

After dismissal, all students who have not been picked up will be brought into the front office. Students who have a parent present will be asked to go to that parent. This process will help staff identify any student who does not have a parent present.

If you’d like to give permission to have your child picked up by someone other than the parent, or to have that person bring your child home, please call the front office to alert us of this arrangement. Any person, other than the parent, who is responsible for supervising or transporting a child from school must be listed as an Emergency Contact person within their school records.

There will NOT be staff supervision on the playground after school, the responsibility of supervision in this area therefore lies with the parent or the person who is being asked to pick the child up. We ask that the parents actively supervise their child(ren) as he/she plays with others on the playground. If a parent or child needs to enter the building after school has been dismissed they must use our single point of entry in the front. This will also be expected on warmer days when our teachers crack their doors for some air movement in their classrooms.


Valuables, Toys and Fidget Spinners from Home:

As a general rule, children are not allowed to bring toys, fidget spinners, stuffed animals, valuables, MP3 players, tablets, any other electronic devices, as well as playing/trading cards from home to school.  Please see our section about cell phones in the parent handbook.

Bicycles, Scooters and Skateboards:

As a means of transportation to and from school skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are considered the same as bicycles.  Please talk with your child about bike safety and we ask that you consider dismounting upon arrival on campus. During arrival/dismissal our bike path can be very crowded. In addition, upon arrival at school, please lock your bicycles and all other wheeled apparatus must be stored. Students can make arrangements with the classroom teacher.