The Specials team wants to let Olander families know about all the amazing and fun things your children get to experience during art, music, and PE. 

Importance of Specials at Olander

Art, music, and PE are fundamental to the growing minds of Olander’s students. The many benefits provided by the Specials classes are the development of fine-motor, problem solving, decision making, risk-taking, visual-spatial, and innovation skills. Art, music, and PE help manage and nurture healthy emotional development, as well as children’s sense of empathy, while making cultural and world-wide connections. Being able to experience these enrichment programs expand and develop students’ personal talents and interests. Children who are visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners are given the opportunity to discover and experience success and leadership. Also, they help facilitate effective communication, collaboration, cooperation, and compromise among children. All of these skills, developed and strengthened through Specials classes, translate and carry over into other parts of children’s’ lives. 

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