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Community Meetings

Olander Community Hall Meetings

Olander School for Project Based Learning fosters a community where students are encouraged to ask questions and solve problems through positive support. Community Hall Meetings allow a common experience for students and staff to share and listen to the driving questions that people are solving, recognize students who are achieving in various ways, and to have fun together as we develop shared connections.

Typical Assembly: (40 minutes)


School Song

Project Based Learning 
Students present a current or recently completed project to the school using 21st century skills
Students are recognized for using Habits of Mind during the project.

When people say something is authentic, they generally mean it is real or genuine, not fake. In education, the concept has to do with how “real-world” the learning or the task is. Authenticity increases student motivation and learning. This portion of our community hall is a "real-world" enrichment assembly connected to our project based learning.

A focus on nurturing the mind, body and heart of every child

Updates include the school garden, activities, student council events, and more!