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First Grade PBL

In first grade, our project based learning journey continues! Olander 1st graders participate in 3 inquiry projects during the school year. There is a special emphasis on the habits of mind during these projects.

Project 1: 

Driving Question: How can we teach others about how the pilgrims and Wampanoag lived in the 1620s?

Summary:  Students create teaching trunks filled with hand-made artifacts to teach about Pilgrim and Wampanoag life. Additionally, they work in collaborative teams to build table-top Pilgrim and Wampanoag villages to teach their families about life in the 1620s.

Project 2:

Driving Question: Why is it important to learn about US symbols and leaders? 

Summary: Two-person teams choose a US symbol or important leader, then research and write expository paragraphs on their topics. Teams then self-select creative projects to go along with their writing. Sculptures, plays, and computer slide shows are some of the ways students use their creativity to demonstrate learning.  

Project 3:

Driving Question: Why and how do people grow their own food?

Summary: First graders will learn about garden grown food through community connections (local CSAs), Food School, and hands-on planting in the Olander Garden. Nutritionists and local farmers will visit to teach about the health benefits of eating local produce. Finally student teams will create their own recipes using produce we will plant in the spring and harvest from the Olander garden in the fall. We will compile the recipes into a Recipe Book to share with families