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Second Grade PBL

Olander 2nd graders participate in 3 inquiry projects during the school year.

Although we incorporate the habits of mind in our daily work, there is a special emphasis on the habits of mind during these projects.


 “How can we teach Olander kids about helpful insects?”

This is the first driving question students tackle in 2nd grade. They create big books about several beneficial insects and then present the information to Olander students. Kids work in groups to do extensive research, learn about the parts of nonfiction literature, plan their book and write for a specific audience. This presentation might also include a song or craft. The books incorporate the use of many skills and diverse talents.




How can we create a successful business and raise money for our Olander community?

This project takes place mid-year and highlights math and writing concepts. Students investigate products, write business plans, obtain loans, create prototypes, and host a bazaar to sell their goods. We think it is great practice for real life. The investor actually comes to school with real money and a contract to sign. Yes, they pay interest too! It is donated back to the school and passed onto a charity that the kids choose.


2013 2nd Grade Commercials - created at Channel 10







How can we teach other kids how Fort Collins has changed over time?

Our final project for the year turns kids into historians. Students use information they’ve learned, photos they’ve taken of historical sites as well as historical photos to create an interactive digital timeline that is specifically designed to teach other kids about Fort Collins History.


2013 Fort Collins History Timelines

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More information will come to you in newsletters as these projects occur during the school year. It is an excellent opportunity to pitch in and get involved. These projects are lots of work, but so much fun!