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Second Grade

Our classrooms offer a comprehensive K-5 curriculum based on the Colorado Academic Standards. We focus our lesson development on best practices to promote high levels of academic growth, achievement and engagement. Each grade level has three project based learning (PBL) units they complete throughout the school year. When students are working on a project, they occur during a specific time of day dedicated for project based learning. We utilize this approach to deepen the conceptual learning of the Colorado Academic Standards and to enhance the 21st century skills students learn throughout the school day.

1st Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: How can we help Olander kids learn about helpful insects?
Summary: 2nd graders study, research and use note-taking skills to learn about beneficial insects. Students then write and illustrate their own informational big books. Students share their books, teach an insect song and create a small insect project with groups of kindergarteners.

2nd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: What do people in our area need to know about severe weather to stay safe?
Summary:2nd graders work in groups to study and research safety precautions around severe weather that affects our community. This information is used to  create safety guides and severe weather safety kits that are shared with our families. Research and science standards are addressed in this project.             
3rd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:
Driving Question: How can we create a business that will raise money to help the community?
2nd graders work in groups to develop a craft kit to sell to Olander kids. They write business plans, present ideas to investors, secure start-up money, film commercials, write how-to directions, assemble their products, and sell them for profit at the Olander PBL Bazaar. Math and writing standards are addressed throughout the project.

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