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Third Grade

Wow, there is a lot to look forward to in third grade!

Our classrooms offer a comprehensive K-5 curriculum based on the Colorado Academic Standards. We focus our lesson development on best practices to promote high levels of academic growth, achievement and engagement. Each grade level has three project based learning (PBL) units they complete throughout the school year. When students are working on a project, they occur during a specific time of day dedicated for project based learning. We utilize this approach to deepen the conceptual learning of the Colorado Academic Standards and to enhance the 21st century skills students learn throughout the school day.

1st Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question:How can we create a museum to educate our community about varying life cycles in an engaging way?
Summary:  Students choose a plant or animal life cycle to study. Then, they work in teams of two or three to research and each write an informational essay and create an artifact relating to their topic. Also, students apply and interview for a museum job that fits their strengths. Olander students, parents, and staff tour the museum and are guided by 3rd grade museum staff.

2nd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving Question: How can we, as authors, create a travel book to persuade readers to visit a destination within the United States?
Summary Becoming authors, illustrators, and editors in an author collective, students work in teams as they research an individual  topic of their choice that relates to a destination in the United States. Each student must research, take notes, and persuade readers with a persuasive essay to travel to their destination. Students are also responsible for creating illustrations, captions, an accompanying website, and an itinerary. Travel guides will be available for purchase.

3rd Project Based Learning (PBL) Unit Of Study:

Driving QuestionCan we invent or improve on a product that would appeal to today’s society?
Summary: Teams are formed based on multiple intelligences, and each child takes on the role of inventor, sales, accountant, or project manager. Together, they invent or improve a product, choose a target audience, market the product. Products are displayed at a public venue so students receive authentic feedback from consumers. After altering products based on feedback, students present their inventions to a patent lawyer.

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