School for Project Based Learning

School for Project Based Learning


Counseling Overview

Olander's School Counseling program is designed to help all students grow personally and socially, balancing the intellectual, social and emotional needs that contribute to academic success.  Counseling lessons focus on interpersonal and social skills, conflict resolution, career awareness, bully-proofing lessons, healthy choices, appreciation of social diversity, and developing a positive attitude towards learning.  Olander's School Counselor is Heidi Jensen ( In keeping with PSD and American School Counseling Association (ASCA) standards, Heidi works as a professional student advocate collaborating with parents, teachers and the community to facilitate academic, personal and social development for all students, as well as to help students resolve concerns that interrupt the educational process.

For information about Olander's School Counseling, including information related to individual student needs or requests for consultation, please contact Heidi Jensen ( or 488-8417


Classroom-based Guidance Curriculum

The guidance curriculum includes classroom and small-group instruction and activities for all grade levels that are designed to promote social growth, cooperation, friendship, community, safety, mutual respect for others and for property, appreciation of social diversity, and a positive attitude toward learning.  Classroom-based guidance also includes Bully-Proofing programs that focus on good choices and healthy lifestyles, as well asCareer Awareness programs designed to introduce students to the world of work and diversity of career choices.

Individualized Programs

Heidi Thompson also works with individual students and small groups to help them make effective decisions, develop relationship and social skills, examine healthy choices, and resolve conflicts. Small counseling groups are an effective approach used at Olander to help students develop a sense of belonging, resolve conflicts, make good decisions and build new friendships. 

Responsive Services

Responsive services includes individual consultation with students and parents or group consultation with small groups or classes to resolve conflicts, solve problems, facilitate communication and create plans for student academic and social success. Responsive services also includes providing professional counseling in crisis situations.

Community Resources

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