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Would you like to RESERVE a book?

  • Make certain the LIBRARIES drop down list is set to Olander
    • Mrs. Mann can help you TRY to reserve a book from another school.  It is up to the other school to agree to send it to you.
  • At the top of the page click ACCOUNT and log in using your regular computer login name and password
  • Find the book you are interested in reserving
  • Click on the TITLE of the book
  • Click the RESERVE button directly underneath DETAIL

When it becomes available Mrs. Mann will check it out to you and deliver it to your room! 

Borrowing Books:

Books are checked out for a one-week period. Books can be renewed as needed as long as there are no requests for the book. Students must have the book with them in order to renew it. Some very popular books will have limits on the number of times it can be renewed. Parents are welcome to check out books, too!  Stop in the library and Mrs. Mann can set up an account for you.

Library Book Limits:

Kindergarten ~ One book may be checked out for one week.

Grades 1 & 2 ~ Two books may be checked out for one week.

Grades 3 - 5 ~ Three books may be checked out for one week.

Book Care and Responsibility:

Your child becomes responsible for a book as soon as they check it out until it is checked back in at the library. We talk to the students about proper care of library books. We ask that you reinforce that care at home.

Keep books in a safe place away from pets and small children.

Damage is often caused by items leaking in backpacks. You can prevent damage by placing your child’s books in a large Ziplock-type bag. Store water bottles in a separate bag or pocket.

Keep drinks and food away from library books.

We encourage students to think of a safe place to keep their book at home so they will know where it is when it is time to return it.

Damaged, Lost and Overdue Books:

Despite best efforts to keep a book safe, accidents do happen. Should a book fall apart or become damaged while in your care, please do not try to repair it at home. Bring it (and all of its parts) to the library and we will assess the damage and do our best to fix it. If the damage is normal wear and tear there is no charge. If the damage is accidental or deliberate you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the item and a processing fee of $3.00.

Sometimes books do get lost.  If so, please do not replace the book yourself.  You will be charged for the cost of the book and a processing fee of $3.00. 

There are no fines charged for overdue books. However, students cannot check out any additional books until overdue items are returned.

If a book is lost or damaged, please contact Mrs. Mann so we can work out a solution and get your child checking out again as soon as possible!

Janet Mann  Olander Librarian

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